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  描写动物的英语小作文100字10篇 篇1


  Spring gradually returned to the earth, was the spring of the girl wake up again gradually active in the earth up. It was covered with flowers district filled with rich floral and that not only sounds, but also a wonderful Xiaosheng, I am relaxed and happy.

  I am afraid to break the share of quiet, intoxicated with the step by step, and slowly down the marble staircase that smooth, that the beauty of spring, that spring immediately to my eye: a small flower bud in the spring when the girl came out of a change Duo beautiful winter jasmine, it seems that one after another of the golden Shakes the Barley, gently in the wind, it is like a lively little speakers are just playing the wonderful music it! The winter jasmine neighbor has just stuck your head out soon, they are the world's fastest-growing, very tenacious vitality of tall bamboo plants, their straight to keep the basketball court next to the guard is not only the audience, looked very imposing. Wind, light leisurely way across their faces bamboo, bamboo in the ground trembled slightly, I really like in yelled out: "Go, go, must not lose!"

  Look at that side of several happy children, are playing 老鹰捉小鸡 it! Nazhi awkward "eagle" left right hop hop kept on holding clever in a "chick" it! After a very long time, "Eagles" tired sweating profusely, or nothing. Suddenly a "chick" dodgy caught behind the success was an eagle, only the poor, "chick" a butt sitting on the ground Wawadaku, everyone in this moment with a laugh ... ...

   I walked, kept trained on a sheet descending from the sky to collect samples of leaves and enjoy with ulterior motives in a red corner edge of the apricot in the springtime beauty of the contests, and they are playing it who is the most beautiful! Felt the kids happy mood. At this point, I was reminded of the beautiful spring of the Southern Song Dynasty poet Ye Shao Weng, "not worth the Garden" in the poem: Spring beauties lock in limitless, an affair, come. Ah! I love the beauty of spring. But I love spring, it is encouraging, urging them motivated share of the good mood.

  描写动物的英语小作文100字10篇 篇2


  Bathed in bright sunshine and beautiful our dear alma mater. Teachers of students walked hurriedly, but also with a dew of the flowers will be contests ... ... constitute a campus landscape plan.

  In this piece of great vitality, you can imagine how it used to be like?

  Without an advanced multi-media platform, class, chalk dust from time to time will "drill" into your nose so that you can not help to play a big sneeze. But if you came to my school, there will always surprise you.

  Came to the school gate, the first thing you see should the number of those few characters in red: the new North River Primary School. Look, in the sunshine, then a few shiny plaque, giving a pleasant feeling.

  Continue to move forward, the most striking place is the fountain of Nazuo! Peaks rising one after another like a layer upon layer of the water column, which also has a colorful statue; a few naughty cute bird flaps helplessly fledgling wings, eyes filled with not only ignorance, but also looking forward, eager to fly vast blue sky.

  In the fountain to the left, has a small flower bed. Where trees, flowers, dew on the petals of a flower child in the colorful jumping, rolling; delicate green and yellow earth lightly stroked the earth, Feng ER blown it joyfully dancing, singing ... ... see, big tree Ficus are so tall and straight, head held high, Look East from time to time, as if thinking about our greatest respect.

  Continue to move forward, it is our playground. Every day, everyone in a vigorous manner the students exercise, vowed to have a strong physique, in order to serve the motherland. Well, two students were running the plastic on the runway. See this scene, I could not help think: Three years ago, the school using a cinder track, running up and dust ... ... Until now, our school put on the plastic track, that we can best play the best level of ... ...

  I love my beloved teacher, I love my dear classmates, but even more love my school, because it changed beautiful!

  描写动物的英语小作文100字10篇 篇3

  描写家人家庭的英语作文My Family:

  My Family

   This is my family. There are four people in my family. My grandmother, my father, my mother and me.

   My grandmother has short white hair. She looks very nice. My father has short black hair and small eyes. He looks very fat, so I often call him “fat man”. He works at a factory. My mother works at a L.D.T. My mother has long black hair. She likes sports and traveling, so I often go on sports with my mother. On holidays my family often go to travel. I study at Guiyuan Primary School. We are very happy.


  这是我的家. 有4人在家里. 奶奶、爸爸、妈妈和我.

  奶奶短白发. 她看起来很漂亮. 爸爸小眼睛,短黑发. 他看起来很肥,所以我常常称呼他为"肥人". 他在一家工厂工作. 妈妈在工程船名妈妈早已黑发. 喜欢运动和旅游,所以经常去体育与妈妈. 假日经常到我家旅行. 我念小学的同志. 我们感到非常高兴.

  描写动物的英语小作文100字10篇 篇4


  Winter morning, was covered with a layer of mist Mist.

  I opened the window a while cold wind hit me, I was frozen straight suction air-conditioning. Take a look at the windows of the frosting, frosted bear the form of different patterns. Some trees, like Yi Keke heads held high, and some like a blossoming white clouds, some of Fei Liu and down like a waterfall, I really like a beautiful mural ah!

  One goes out, cold face descend quickly, wind in my face like a knife across the same pain, walking in the street the morning exercise, fewer people feel a lot.

  However, the roadside pine and holly are still as tall and straight, it stretched its arm, indicating that it was the graceful posture of the beautiful and extremely! Almost all of the animals are hibernating, and only the birds twitter in the branches did not feel the cold in winter.

  However, I know winter's morning is the most beautiful!

  描写动物的英语小作文100字10篇 篇5


  I have nine little goldfish .Eight goldfish are all orange and one is black .I like the black one best. We call it Xiao Hei .Its body is black .It has two big and round eyes, a small mouth ,and a big tail. Though it's very small ,it swims fast .

  I often feed them and change water for them. We are good friends .


  描写动物的英语小作文100字10篇 篇6


  The evening I go for a walk, a bunch of sunshine on my face. I looked to the sky looked, ah! A beautiful sunset, it is the people started arms' to all plated layer of gold.

   Sunset seemed reluctant to let people see it that beautiful face kept with "the sword" stinging eyes. I can not look at it, and had to bow their heads and rubbing its eyes, quiet moment look

  描写动物的英语小作文100字10篇 篇7


  Spring is coming! Spring is coming! That beautiful, flowers are blooming in the spring has finally arrived!

   To meet this girl, but the spring was drizzle patches, comfortable spring breeze that leaves 10 million out of a bloom of willows. Too delicate grass, fresh leaves, bright colored flowers, like a country fair like all wanted to come to form a dazzling spring of tears. Swallow is no exception, out of breath flew from the north, for the glory of spring to add a lot of vitality.

   Pairs of swallows through the mountains, across the lake, to the south, already exhausted, but felt so beautiful in the spring, as if eating a lot of chocolate this thing, get active, have the spirit. In the spring of play, flying the green fields, circling in the water and some play tired of the swallows were standing a few poles that mark utility poles. Ah! How like a lovely note, read music at that memorials became still hear the music.

  The campus is rich and colorful spring. Beautiful winter jasmine are welcome too! Avenue, both sides of the trees, the trail on both sides of flower Fan Ye Mao. Spent everywhere on campus, a distance looking like a campus covered with thick snow, the last to see people feel the sky is beautiful snowflakes drifting. Lawn Lvyin Yin, the central set up with a century-old trees, next to the beautiful flowers there are a few bundles decorated the lawn more attractive, more beautiful. Really like a beautiful picture.

   Spring innocent beautiful!

  描写动物的英语小作文100字10篇 篇8


  The animal is human friend, we should cherish it, let what they have a peace live environment. If the animal has a red-letter day, I am about to help them comb hair, let them eat on the most delicious dish, etc, perhaps be in before long in the future, small tiger is us to look after the house, lovely small sea lion accompanies us to swim, small monkey becomes a conduct a sightseeing tour, the place that takes us to see them live before - beautiful fruit hill. Let us riding a camel to worldly the biggest desert goes playing. The animal has a lot of red-letter days on section world, wait like division of the Children's Festival, mother's day, dragon boat festival, forest, why can you do not have animal section? Puppy people very lovely also! They and mankind are same, live on this earth jointly, bring how many joy to the mankind! You look, the doggie can help host look after the house, the kitten can eat off rascal mice completely, ox can farmland, the hen can lay etc, and some people contest is caught in our mankind kill those puppy, do the distress that is our mankind so? I want to appeal aloud here: The animal is human friend, we should cherish it, let what they have a peace live environment. If the animal has a red-letter day, I am about to help them comb hair, let them eat on the most delicious dish, etc, perhaps be in before long in the future, small tiger is us to look after the house, lovely small sea lion accompanies us to swim, small monkey becomes a conduct a sightseeing tour, the place that takes us to see them live before - beautiful fruit hill. Let us riding a camel to worldly the biggest desert goes playing. If arrived animal section, I should do an animal clique to be opposite, that day, animal people want to eat what to eat, let them eat fully full, call them to live of 5 stars class " animal guesthouse " . Anyhow, arrived animal section that day, everybody should take a kind of animal to come home, take them to ramble bazaar, buy a toy to wait. For the life better, everybody hastens the action rises, let an animal people spend a happy red-letter day at an early date!

  描写动物的英语小作文100字10篇 篇9

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  我的英语课堂(my english classroom)

  我的英语课堂(my english classroom)

  this is my english classroom . it is not big and not small . we usually study in the classroom .

  there is a blackboard in front of the classroom .it is not big ,but it is helpful .my english teacher usually writes some english letter .the air-conditioner is on the right in the wall .it is white .in summer ,it is cool to us .there is a clock on the behind wall .it is blue and cute .it tells us the time .there are three long desks in middle of the classroom and there are three small desks on the right in the classroom .

  look !this is my classroom .i like it.

  描写动物的英语小作文100字10篇 篇10

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  英语小作文两则 myfavouriteseason

  my favourite season is summer. i often wear my shorts and t-shirt. sometimes i wear my jeans. in summer it is often sunny and hot. sometimes rainy in summer. i usually swim with my father. sometimes i eat ice-cream at home.

  my chinses teacher

  i have a chinses teacher. her name is lui xiaohong. she is from lanchang. she’s very active and strict. she has two big eyes. she’s very nice.but she is short. she like to smile. i don’tknow what season she like. because i don’tknow her very well. her class is very funny, i like it.

  in a word, i love my chinese teacher.


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